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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Life on a Sinking boat

I feel as though the whole world is being snatched away from my grasp and yet it was never mine to be taken

I feel the weight on my shoulders but never prepared myself for the impact

There is so much to lose and yet I cry over things never gained, I am a poor beggar in a rich mans society

The things I crave are the needs of many at a time when dreams are crumbling and hope fading

I am not selfish, I care only that my boat does not sink in an ocean that is riding the storms, that the people I carry do not sink beneath the waves of uncertainty and loss

I yearn for something hopeful to emerge from the depths of this chaos and carry us to safety, yet I understand how utterly unlikely this is to happen, and as the distant horizon disappears within the dark growling storm clouds,

I paddle on regardless, blind and helpless to what lies ahead.

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