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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Madness Within..

He emerged from the depths of his own madness, seemingly refreshed and then quite suddenly became frustrated to have been rudely awoken back into a world from which he had mentally escaped.
Realisation in his short moment of sanity struck him of what chaos surrounded him. He felt immediately threatened, and recoiled into a corner like a wounded, but dangerous animal.
All of his senses went into overdrive, his heart pounding as the rush of adrenaline fuelled his fear and desperate need for self-preservation.
He blinked continuously as his head moved in all directions, his eyes trying to acknowledge every inch of matter that existed between him and the full length of his vision.
His mind switched back and forth like a flashing light between this world and the hell of insanity which threatened to imprison him forever.
Nothing made sense; he could not focus on his environment or shake himself off this feeling of disillusionment and insecurity. His head felt like it was about to explode, strange sounds echoed in his ears, vibrated in his skull. His vision became blurred and images of the white demons towering over him made him scream in horror. His whole body became rigid, pinned against the wall as the demons overpowered him ready to escort him back into the underworld of nightmares. An excruciating pain in his arm followed by numbness and a loss of energy as their venom seeped into him finally persuaded him that it was over. He stopped fighting and gave in against their power, switching off his mind to the darkness and the deep abyss of nothing…

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