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Monday, 17 January 2011

Aliens verses Predator

(Prologue - Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have been an obsessive fan of the AVP series since the first hint of it in Predator2, the comics, the books, the movies, the games, the toys, I can go on, but this is just a snippet of a book that I have been working on for years but never finished, enjoy...)

The fight for survival

Deep in the jungles of Africa, the heat was intense. High up from the trees at a point close to the river Nile, Hakimu watched the surface intensely. There were hidden caves buried amongst the growth everywhere in this part of the Jungle. Caves in which the Oomaans (humans) had hidden the Akunde Amide (xenomorph). As an experienced hunter he would eventually seek them out.

Others of his kind lurked behind shielded by their invisibility and equally eager to pursue a hunt

Hakimu was a good hunter, a wise hunter. He had fought and killed many things in his prime years. His collection of trophies was highly impressive, and equally hard earned. He had hunted on this planet many times.

The Oomaans were challenging prey. Physically they were easy to kill, but they had intelligence on their side. They were constantly developing weapons and technology, and had an interest in hunting others of their own species. Hakimu had participated in many of these; he had taken youngsters into these battles to practice their skills.

Oomaans were always impressive as trophies, but they did not earn you the same respect as of an Akunde Amide.

Hakimu Had that respect, but he had further ambitions, he was after the ultimate prize, the queen. It would be his final trophy hunt.

Very few had fought a queen and survived, and an even fewer number had earned the legendary honour of having defeated one. The queen stood at almost three times the height of the hunters. She was heavily protected by her guardian drones and controlled her offspring through some form of telepathic communication. The guardian drones would die to protect her. She was their mother, their leader, and their god. The queen would never break from her nest until close to defeat, and once free she would attack to survive with the wrath of a dozen drones combined.

Hakimu stroked his face and ran his fingers over his tusks, stopping to feel his broken one. He snarled as an old lingering memory passed through him. He pictured himself as a youth, the elder at his side, glorious in their hunt. Wrist blades extracted, spears held in position, and shoulder cannon all fired up and ready. Dead and severed Akunde Amide scattered around them. Hakimu was the best hunter of his group. The elder had taken him under his wing, taught him to be wise, to harness his skills and ruthlessness, and to succeed where others of his kind had failed.

Then he pictured the image of the elders face as he stroked the huge tail that the fearsome queen had pierced through his chest. Blood spurt over his tusks.

He had told Hakimu to be wise, escape and save himself, but that was not the hunter way. Infuriated at the loss of his mentor, he had lunged at the queen, fought like the true young warrior that he was. His speed, his skill, and his agility were tremendously challenging for her, until the moment that he had felt the choking grasp of her claws around his throat, realised his feet were no longer touching the ground, and he could smell the acidic stench of drool as it dripped from her jaws just inches from his face. Her eyeless long crowned head watched him from a face that had no eyes to stare back into. He sensed her inner jaws at the point of lunging out of her great skull, and at that moment he had pictured not an image of death, but the magnificence of that huge trophy, so close within his reach, and yet so unattainable.

He lived to tell the tale, tossed aside as the great beast faced off an onslaught by the Oomaans.

He owed them nothing, this was his fight, they did not interfere to save him, but to protect her, and now the Oomaans were themselves responsible for the infestation of the Akunde Amide on their planet.

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